Ranch Simulator

Now we are working on a large project with the working title Ranch Simulator.
There is still a lot of work, but here are some screenshots of the project:

We have a lot of ideas and gameplay features that we will try to implement.
Game subject:
Your grandfather left you an old ranch in the forest, far from civilization.
The ranch has deteriorated over the years and you have to bring it in order and create a prosperous farm.
Main features of the game:

  • Rather big open world
  • Several types of transport, differing in many characteristics
  • A large number of animals, both domestic and wild
  • Construction and arrangement of your own residential building
  • Construction of the barn and pen
  • Buying, training and breeding horses
  • Listening to radio stations
  • Hunting
  • Fishing 9 (in the future)
  • Day/Night cycle, as well as seasons
  • And much more

Now we need to determine how interesting the idea of ​​such a simulator is for you, as well as listen to any suggestions you make, you are welcome!
Follow the news, this blog will be constantly updated!

23 thoughts on “Ranch Simulator”

  1. Ladies and gentlemen,
    I wanted to ask if there is already information about the game Ranch simulator
    When will it appear?
    or if there is already a demo

    Yours sincerely
    Lars Bistram

  2. This seems like what I’ve been looking for a long time. Please don’t rush anything and take time it needs to make it happen. I also think, after all this “Virus era” people will get more looking for such friendly games. So good work to you guys, for my support you will have.

  3. Die idee İst genial ich denke das spiel wird gut ankommen ich als spiel tester von vielen bekannten games habe schon eine liste fur euch aufgestellt naturlich nur wenn ihr daran interrese habt

  4. можно ли добавить постройку окон в доме. что двери есть а окно построить нельзя

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