Ranch Simulator

Now we are working on a large project with the working title Ranch Simulator.
There is still a lot of work, but here are some screenshots of the project:

We have a lot of ideas and gameplay features that we will try to implement.
Game subject:
Your grandfather left you an old ranch in the forest, far from civilization.
The ranch has deteriorated over the years and you have to bring it in order and create a prosperous farm.
Main features of the game:

  • Rather big open world
  • Several types of transport, differing in many characteristics
  • A large number of animals, both domestic and wild
  • Construction and arrangement of your own residential building
  • Construction of the barn and pen
  • Buying, training and breeding horses
  • Listening to radio stations
  • Hunting
  • Fishing 9 (in the future)
  • Day/Night cycle, as well as seasons
  • And much more

Now we need to determine how interesting the idea of ​​such a simulator is for you, as well as listen to any suggestions you make, you are welcome!
Follow the news, this blog will be constantly updated!

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